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Dismiss Your Traffic Ticket

Whether you need to get a copy of your Texas driving record, take a defensive driving course, or both—you’re in the right place. Your Certified 3A driving record includes information regarding:

  • Tickets, violations, and points
  • Any crashes or accidents you've had
  • Previously completed driving courses
  • Individual classifications for your license
  • Previous suspensions or revocations of your license

Our Certified Texas Department of Public Safety Driving Record will help ensure that you’re fully prepared for traffic court.

Keep Your Insurance Rate Low!

If you don't keep an accurate eye on your driving record, you could be paying a higher insurance rate than necessary. Your insurance company looks at your driving history – violations, points, and any defensive driving courses taken – and determines how much they charge you on your premium. This information also determines whether you qualify for any discounts, and how much that reduction will be. Give yourself the best rate possible by making sure there aren't any mistakes on your record!

Satisfy Employers

If you’re required to provide a copy of your driving record prior to employment or promotion, there’s no better source than I DRIVE SAFELY. We offer valid, trusted documents that are affordable and easy to order online. With our same-day processing and express delivery options you can be sure you’ll never miss an opportunity because you were waiting on the DPS.

DPS Certified Texas Driving Record
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Dismissing a Ticket? You'll Need a Defensive Driving Course!

Get the Combo and Save

  • Certified 3A Driving Record AND Online Defensive Driving Course
  • Convenient online course – study around your schedule
  • Avoid lines at the DPS or wasted time in court!

Defensive Driving Course + Texas Driving Record

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Ordering your Texas Driver License Record online means you can avoid wasting time in line at the DPS or filling out dozens of confusing forms that can take forever to process.

Our easy online ordering process was designed with you in mind—it’s convenient, affordable, and totally hassle-free. We provide real Texas DPS driving record that are the same as the ones you get at the DPS—but you won’t have to wait hours in line to get one! With I DRIVE SAFELY, you can you order your Texas Certified 3A Driving Record from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere there’s an internet connection.


When you will receive your Texas driving record depends on the delivery option you choose. We can now process your request right in our office, which means you won't have to wait up to 14 days for the DPS.

We pull driving records for Texas three times a day every week, Monday through Friday-- which means that depending on what delivery option you choose, you could receive your record the same day you order it! We offer a variety of shipping options, including Speedy email delivery and FREE standard shipping.


We make getting a copy of your driving record in Texas easy, with a short and simple online ordering system that takes just a few minutes to complete. You’ll need the following basic information to order your record online:

  • Drivers license number
  • Date of birth
  • Last four digits of your SSN
  • DPS Audit/DD# (located on your license either next to your picture or toward the bottom of the card)

Just fill in the form, select your preferred delivery method, submit your payment, and you’re done! Getting your driving record in Texas is more convenient online than at the DPS.


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There's always someone available to take your phone call, or answer your email. At I Drive Safely, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

DPS Certified Texas Driving Record
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